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Water Fountains For Healthy Living

Are you ready to relax spiritually for a better personal welfare, while moisturizing the air?

According to research using materials such as slate, metal, or glass with a tapping noise of falling water over river rocks, calms nerves and avoids disease. As water ionizes running down those materials, it collects diseases and dust particles providing cleaner air to breath. Indoor water fountains promote a healthier environment by allowing high amounts of negative ions to collect as water falls. Some research has shown that breathing in negative ions helps improve mood, increases concentration and stabilizes the immune system. That’s way offers are found with ionization products other than water fountains. The effect of water falling provides tranquil positive happiness, while ensuring moods of spiritual meditating serenity. People can enjoy the experience of delightful charming echoes from tabletop fountains without giving up the outside calmness. The best of all worlds would be having a fountain in the bedroom humidifying and cleaning the air.

Researchers have found that hearing water from a fountain gives a person a great night’s sleep. Just like the sound of some nice soft music calms the nerves, so does water flowing. Their studies even found some dim lighting soothes the soul. It also provides a way at night to see when walking. Some fountains while providing a clean environment can be ordered with a full spectrum low cost LED lighting sources. Fountains not only lights the way, but it can be remotely controlled. Certain companies feature newly thin sliced lightweight slate technology that is used in building water fountains. There are special processes used in cutting thin layers of genuine Indian Raja Slate and fusing it to a composite material, while still showing a chipped edge. With a very natural look, still retaining a light weight product, this allows a large fountain to be easily mounted on a wall. These units are hand crafted into beautiful models giving a unique look of different colors and textures of slate. Also trimmed in copper and stainless steel allowing unique designs with submerged accent light in the top adds an effect of dancing light to the room. Some companies engineer composite materials to create a fountain with a pebble design on the panel. Each one is hand painted individually allowing results to be indistinguishable product of polished river rocks. Yet when textured into a glorious array, it retains the weight reduction by over 90%. The latest feature is etching on glass or mirror panels,  These designs will have a frosted quality. read more

Blueberry Superfood

With respect to terrific taste and nourishment, it really is tough to do better than blueberries! The dark blue coloring in blueberries is rich in phenols named anthocyanins. The more dark the berry, the larger the anthocyanin content. Anthocyanins are actually ultra powerful antioxidants. In actual fact, they’re among the best sources of disease-preventing anti-oxidants in existence. A single 2/3 cup serving of blueberries has as many antioxidants as six helpings of apples, broccoli, squash, or carrots. Health experts encourage enjoying 3 or 4 cups of blueberries every week.

Blueberries are unquestionably low in calories and are a good source of vitamin E and C, soluble fiber, manganese, iron, and potassium. Manganese is a trace mineral crucial in the growth of your bones. This will assist one’s body in many different ways:

read more

Achilles Tendon Symptoms

Symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis are very predictable creatures. Each symptom is the result of one or more different mechanisms in the body. Essentially, each symptom of Achilles Tendonitis is a variation of ‘It hurts when I’m at rest and/or when I stand or walk or run or jump’. But each symptoms exists for specific reasons.

Like any type of tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis symptoms can be mild or severe and debilitating. Pain can be sharp or dull, constant or come and go.

This pain is a result of muscles and connective tissue that are TOO TIGHT telling the brain that there is danger of injury. Because the structures become bound so tightly together, they lose flexibility and mobility and have less easy movement, and the brain considers that a potential injury threat. read more

Nightmares And Bad Dreams

We’ve all had nightmares at some stage in our lives. Most people have memories of waking up terrified of monsters and other things that go-bump-in-the-night as children. And, while it’s common for children to experience nightmares, or “night terrors”, it’s not so common for adults to have recurring nightmares unless there are some underlying issues.
As an adult, if you find yourself waking frequently in the night due to nightmares, there are some things that can be done to find out why this is the case. First, you may want to investigate whether you have an underlying sleep disorder. Are you excessively tired during the daytime? Do you find that you need to drink coffee all day long just to keep going? If you are married, has your spouse mentioned that you snore? These are good questions to start with when beginning to investigate whether you have an underlying sleep disorder.
Sleep disorders come in various shapes and sizes, but no matter what form they all need to be checked by a doctor. One of the most common sleep disorders is called Sleep Apnea. You may have already heard of Sleep Apnea, but you may not know that it can be present in many different types of people, not just the extremely overweight or elderly as may be commonly thought.
If you find that you are an adult and you are having a problem with nightmares, you will definitely want to begin by looking for any underlying disorders. While sleep disorders can be the cause of nightmares, they can also sometimes be caused by PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among other psychological issues. If you have recently gone through a very traumatic event or phase in life and find that you are frequently awakened by vivid nightmares, and this is causing a problem with both your sleep quality and the quality of life during your waking hours, you may want to be evaluated by a medical professional.
In conclusion, we all know that children suffer from nightmares and night terrors, but when adults have frequent or recurring nightmares that begin to interfere with their quality of life, it’s wise to bring this to the attention of a medical professional. Underlying sleep disorders, as well as untreated PTSD can wreak havoc on the day-to-day quality of life, and in the case with untreated sleep disorders, can actually be fatal. Do yourself a favor, if you are having recurring nightmares and are finding that they interfere significantly with your life, set up an appointment with your doctor to evaluate whether the nightmares are related to a more serious and underlying disorder.

Nicotine Patches Are They Effective?

A recent medical study published by the Harvard Medical School in January of 2012, reports on the effectiveness of Nicotine patches used in smoking cessation. The study concluded that, in the long-term, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is ineffective!
Physicians, insurers and others in the healthcare industry should take note of this report! If nicotine patches are ineffective, why are they still being distributed as a method to quell the smoking habit?
The problem is that most people see the smoking problem as one of physical addiction to the nicotine poison. While the nicotine patches may be ineffective, the introduction of nicotine into a person’s body without the harmful tar and chemicals that accompany the nicotine in cigarettes is certainly much better than for the smoker to continue with cigarettes.
The only problem with nicotine patches, gums, sprays, e cigarettes, and other NRT “crutches” is that they are simply a better method of getting nicotine into a person’s body than cigarettes. But, nicotine remains a poison to the human body and these therapies do little to cure the addictive qualities of nicotine! The smoker remains addicted; he/she just is no longer ingesting all of the tars and chemicals of cigarettes.
Even with the nicotine addiction under some limited control, a bigger problem remains unsolved. The smoker is left with all of the psychological, sociological, and cultural issues linkage and triggers that are major parts of the smoker’s persona.
Every smoker fully understands the linkages between cigarettes and food, caffeine, and alcohol. They also know, very well, how certain events and pressures trigger the craving for a cigarette. As long as these linkages and trigger remain unchecked, it’s very understandable why a smoker typically finds himself or herself lighting another cigarette within days, weeks or months after “quitting” using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).
There are very few things about smoking that are logical. Nobody starts smoking for a logical reason and once fully engaged, they cannot be convinced by logic to quit! In fact, most smokers become experts at rationalizing and justifying their smoking and building internal defenses against logical reasons to quit. If quitting were a purely logical decision, nobody would continue smoking when faced with the hard scientific evidence of the harmful effects of smoking.
Smoking is a complex problem and using drugs or NRT to attack the nicotine addiction is like taking a shower with your clothes on! A smoker simply cannot quit smoking by only working on a single part of the problem. The pharmaceutical industry has worked hard to perfect drugs and patches to alleviate the “nicotine problem”, but they, sadly, have done little to address the “Smoking Problem”. This is why, after more than a decade of use, these drugs have had little effect in reducing the overall rate of smoking in America.
Smokers must be taught how to quit! They need to understand all of the issues at play in their body and then be taught how to effectively address these issues. They need to have access to reasonable, safe and available training on how to deal with the various linkages, triggers and pressures that are associated with quitting smoking. There are several such programs in use across America today, Most of them are taught in the setting of a local health clinic and some are taught in seminars and regional events. There are even online courses now available that enable a smoker to learn, on his/her own, how to quit smoking effectively and comfortably.
The American Psychiatric Association’s Handbook reports that “80% of smokers desire to quit smoking, 35% attempt to quit every year, yet only 5% of smokers are successful in their unaided attempts to quit”. Smokers desperately need effective training on how to quit!

Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition defined by pain that radiates into one or both sides of the buttocks and moves into the back of the legs. This is a result of constant pressure on the nervus ischiadicus – sciatic nerve, located at the base of the spine. This being our longest nerve in our bodies, it causes the pain to be felt throughout the entire length of the body. The pain can be quite uncomfortable and can get to the point where your everyday activities become difficult.

What Causes Sciatica

The primary cause of sciatica comes from a condition when the sciatic nerve becomes very tight and thus causes pain radiating throughout the body. As a result of the pain, the nerve has the potential to become further damaged. The tightness of the nerve is usually a result of a dislocated spinal disc that causes pressure and creates the painful sensation. It can also be a consequence of a benign bone growth on one of the vertebrae. In very rare cases, the sciatic nerve may be compromised by a growing tumor or an underlying condition, such as diabetes. If the pressure on the nerve is robust enough to cause pain, usually it is a result of bad posture, wearing high heels or sleeping on a bed that is too soft, so it is suggested to try sleeping on a firmer mattress, adjusting the height of your chair and working on better alignment. When suffering from sciatica, the nerve itself can, but doesn’t have to be inflamed, depending on the condition of the body. As sciatica often appears with an intense cold or a bladder infection, it can be caused by a simple vitamin B1 deficiency.

Symptoms and Treatment of Sciatica

Sciatica usually manifests itself by a painful sensation spreading from the base of the spine, through your buttocks, into the back of the thigh and lower leg, ending in the foot. The pain can be both dull and/or sharp, causing you to feel an occasional or constant burning sensation. It can also vary, so at one point the pain will be barely noticeable, while at others you can feel a sensation so strong it will seem you are being electrocuted. One side of the body is usually affected by this feeling. In certain cases, numbness or weakness in the affected area can be felt. If activities such as sneezing, coughing, lifting or bending make the pain worse, you probably suffer from sciatica. read more

Ideas On Dealing With Panic Attacks

Being able to identify what triggers your panic attacks is important. You can not prevent something if the causes aren’t known.

Some Things To Bear In Mind If Suffering From Panic Attacks

Choosing a good therapist can also work wonders on your panic attacks. Search online to find reviews of therapists, or ask a trustworthy family member or friend.

Is it feasible for your personal anxiety attacks to continue forever? You happen to be the boss of the emotions and your entire body! read more

Health Advantage of Yoghurt

So many people are familiar with the health benefits of yogurt, but we seldom capitalize on this exceptionally versatile food product. Yes, needless to say, you can eat it during breakfast and benefit from it that way, but then you can put it to use in some other ways also. When I perform my supermarket shop, I take a look at all of the different types of yogurt customers are purchasing. So many choose the flavored yogurts, but then stop there. Its interesting to note that the natural yogurts are generally cheaper and often on special offer since they are not as good a seller, and also the delicious Greek yogurts also go unsold. It’s time we learn about the countless outstanding ways we could employ yogurt in our cooking.

Fruit Yogurt

All yogurts do typically have some probiotic matter. The more probiotics that we could include in our very own food plan, the better and there can be so many intelligent methods to accomplish this. Did you know that you may also use fruit yogurt to include in your desserts? Some yogurts can be very low in sugar substance and have a high fruit content. This makes them a bit sweeter and healthier. Another way to benefit from the fruity yogurt is definitely to mix it with your cake when baking. read more

Natural Skin Care through Ayurveda

natural skin care

They like to tell you that there’s a scientific reason why were attracted to people with beautiful skin – beautiful complexion and clear skin point to healthy genes, and we are genetically designed to be attracted to potential mates who have great genes to give our children and so on and so forth. Well, whether or not there’s any truth to all that genetic mumbo-jumbo, there is no denying that we just fall head over heels for beautiful skin. The major cosmetics companies have a funny way of going about telling you how their products help give you beautiful skin. On the one hand, they’ll tell you how their products are all about natural skin care with all those great fruit extracts and natural oils and so on.

On the other hand, they’ll list a bunch of unpronounceable chemicals on their ingredients labels. Well, unless your idea of natural skincare is a face full of petroleum derived chemicals, you really should try Ayurveda. read more

My Whiplash Story

chiropractorI was unfortunate to suffer a road accident a few years ago and had a few issues with my neck but it all settled down within weeks and I forgot about it. More recently though I started with a series of odd symptoms and I honestly thought I was losing my mind.

First off my main hobby swimming started to make me feel really sick and after a couple of sessions where I had to leave the pool I decided it was me and took up walking instead and that did make feel a little better but I was also noticing other symptoms which did start to make me wonder for my sanity.

One  evening I was working on my computer when everything went blurry and that plus my other symptoms like feeling stressed and irritable did make me consider whether I was suffering from some sort of brain illness. read more

Vitamin B Health Giving Properties

vitamin bVitamin B1 has anti aging properties as it assists keep your heart and nervous system healthy. It also slows aging and assists with cognitive function. Vitamin B3 is thought about to be the intestinal vitamin.

The B vitamins play a crucial function in excellent health. They’re required in order to keep your muscles in great shape and they’re there to keep the body immune system working like it should.

This vitamin likewise has vital metabolic functions – such as keeping glucose levels in check. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) really assists slow the aging procedure. And it assists to combat  age associated hearing issues. read more

Health Benefits of Swimming

swimmingDo you like to swim? Sadly, fewer of us are going swimming these days. Maybe we need a gentle reminder of all the health benefits of swimming. A few years ago, swimming was a very popular sport but since the Olympics it seems to have gone into decline. The fact is that more of us should be going swimming. After walking it is one of the healthiest activities that we can do.

We really have no excuse. Swimming pools are available at most leisure centres and it is actually one of the cheapest sports activities that we can do. Most kids learn how to swim, but the skill is often put by the wayside when parents don’t take their kids swimming. However, we should be taking our kids swimming and we should be taking ourselves swimming as well. This is one of the healthiest, and best ways, to keep fit.

Swimming All About Gentle cardio read more

What Causes Kidney Stones? – Things That You Must Know!

When it comes to discussing what causes kidney stones, there are plenty of vital aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Medical researchers are not always able to suggest causes for kidney problems. According to a recent research study, the number of individuals developing kidney stones is quickly growing. Research studies conducted in the 1970s demonstrated the fact that less than 4% Americans suffered from kidney stones. However, as per the current medical research, over 5% of the Americans will end up developing a kidney stone in their lifetime.

There are certain factors that may pose more risks than the other aspects. If you are male and over 40 years old, you fall in the highest risk group. Women and African Americans have a lower risk of developing these stones. Also, women over 50 have lower risk of developing kidney stones. With that said, there are some specific diseases that increase the risk for developing kidney stones in any age, race, or population group.

It is often believed that family history plays a major role in the development of this problem. Likewise, 70 percent of people suffering from a disease known as renal tubular acidosis will develop kidney stones. In addition to that, there are several other factors that contribute to this growing medical condition, which are as follows: read more

CBD For Anxiety

cbd and anxietyThere is widespread interest in the effects of CBD on anxiety. Many studies, although inconclusive, show that CBDs have anxiolytic properties- the ability to inhibit stress and anxiety- without inducing any psychoactive effects. Thus, many doctors as well as medical organizations, are endorsing CBD as a low-risk treatment for problems such as anxiety. Doctors are exploring the possibility of using CBD for more serious mood disorders such as depression.

An article published by a group of Brazilian researchers in the Journal of Psychopharmacology investigating the relationship between CBD and a condition known as Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) indicates that CBD could offer people suffering from SAD a way to manage their symptoms.

SAD, a condition that we also know as social phobia, affects about 12% of Americans at least once in their lifetime. Intense fear, which often causes distress to the point of impairing daily functioning, characterizes this condition. Interestingly, those who suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder experience anxiety that is triggered by a perceived or actual scrutiny from other people. read more

How To Choose A Probiotic Supplement

essential cultures

Evidence shows that supplementing your levels of good bacteria using a high quality probiotics can be very beneficial to your body in an array of ways. Your digestive tract can benefit as well as your immune system. Ideally, a probiotic can benefit other areas such a skin health, weight management, and energy levels. However, when it comes to choosing a probiotic product, you are hit with an array of claims from countless companies, boasting about their different species, billions counts, shelf stability, strains and so on. Not to forget that all this comes in various forms such as yogurt, pills, capsules, chocolate and even chewing gum.

With the different probiotic products on the market, choosing the best ones is not all that easy. However, it does not have to be daunting. If you take the time to explore all the supplements and find out which will work best for you, it will be much easier to get the health support you are looking for. You will find all kinds of information such as this informative article on how to choose a probiotic  that will help you choose the best probiotic supplement with ease, regardless of what you have in mind. read more

Complete Guide To Effective Sinus Infection Treatments

Sinus infections are a common, yet annoying and painful condition that is suffered by many North Americans. These types of infections are usually quite common during winter and spring months. Lots of people often have trouble with these types of infections as they can really affect their day to day life. Many people that have painful sinus infections often are unable to go and work productively, leading to many frustrating situations. Thankfully, there are lots of effective treatments out there for sinus treatments, which this article will go through.

The most common type of treatment for a infection of this calibre is antibiotics. This is because the vast majority of infections that involve the sinus are due to bacteria. Once bacteria is introduced to the sinuses through such things a cut, they can multiply and begin acting the body. This leads to the defensive mechanism of the body to go into play, leading to a production of pus as it fights the infection. This leads to pain and inflammation throughout the sinuses. Although the body will usually be able to fight off the infection on its own, the entire process of fighting the infection can be fastened through the use of antibiotics. 

Antibiotics that are prescribed for sinus infections will depend on the type of bacteria that is infected the sinuses. There are lots of different types of bacteria that are known to be able to cause a sinus infection. Trained doctors are able to look at the signs for the different types of infections that are caused by different bacteria. From there, they will prescribe an antibiotic that is specifically effective against the type of bacteria that is causing the infection in a patient. Hence, it’s vital that a person visit a doctor to get the right antibiotic when they are suffering from a sinus infection. read more

Loss Of Memory Reasons And Possible Solutions

brain healthDecrease in recall is a common issue with aging but can also be caused by other pointers like tension and stress. I guess that the mind is a muscle like any other and also of course it requires exercise so keeping it busy is crucial and you should concentrate on improve your focus as well as memory.

There are several factors why your memory maynve decreased but it doesn’t have to be Alzheimer’s or dementia. I thought that I was forgetting faces and names and it began to worry me so I decided to look further into this. I know I have got more absent minded as well.

When you forget where you placed the carkeys or else you forgot something simple it could just be innocent brain fog caused by too much information. You might be among that group of folk whot thinks that an individual’s psychological capacity is at its optimal at an early age and then it’s all downhill but you would be wrong as various studies have demonstrated. The most updated reasoning is with a little effort you could enhance your memory power whatever your real age. read more

Vitamin E supplements

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in some foods. It takes up chemical forms such as beta-, alpha-, delta tocotrienol, gamma- and delta-tocopherol. The liver takes up the vitamin E after digestion and these protect the body from harm caused by free radicals. If these free radicals are not contained by the antioxidants produced by vitamin E, the body could be open to diseases such as cancers and cardiovascular conditions. Free radicals emanate from air pollution, cigarette smoke and the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Vitamin E also promotes respiratory health and helps people cope with PMS symptoms.

Other benefits accredited to this vitamin are that it supports circulation and boosts breast and prostrate health. Vitamin E is also good for the brain and prevents menopausal hot flashes in women. For the body to go on its daily functions, rich does of vitamin E are required and this is where supplements come in. many people take in less vitamin E due to unhealthy eating habits or ignorance and that is why they must take up vitamin e supplements. Some of the foods that are rich in vitamin E include vegetables, nuts, and oils. The vitamin E supplements in the market contain 30 international units (IU) which are essential for the body.

The vitamin E supplements in the market come in the form of a capsule that is supposed to be taken with a meal. The meal must be low in fat content to enable the supplement work as required. It is advisable to buy the supplements that are have clear expiry dates as they have a short shelf life. Another form of these supplements is a tablet that is soluble in water and works best when treating infections and inflammations that occur in the joints. Vitamin E supplements will also come in the form of skin creams and body oils. These body oils and creams are highly recommended for the treatment of stretch marks and sunburns. read more

Learn To Naturally Control High Cholesterol.

reduces cholesterolHigh cholesterol levels are a modern health plague and pharmaceutical firms make millions from drugs like statins and simvastatin but many of these were in fact derived from natural products and these are just the chemical version from which the money is made. There are however still natural ways of tackling high cholesterol  and the scientific community knows that their research into high cholesterol meant that whilst they found ways of converting them synthetically, the natural product is still there and it can of course be much safer to go down the natural route than the chemical one.

How you regulate cholesterol is not really that complex.  You need to be as canny as the chemical companies, do your research and  take command of your own health and wellness as well as make use of organic solutions such as Choleslo to transform the high cost of medicine into a easy solution by using natural herbs that are better for our bodies and usually cheaper for our wallets.

Choleslo read more

Your Weight Loss Is A Personal Journey – Don’t Read The Magazine Covers

We often find ourselves inundated with all sorts of commercials and magazines that are filled with information about quick diet methods and all the ways that celebrities lose weight. Sit back and think for a minute about the number of times that you have heard that there is a hidden secret that will help you to lose a ton of weight without having to put in any effort. its all there in those airbrushed

The sad truth of the matter is that celebrity culture today is loaded with all sorts of quick fixes and telling us that we have the ability to look like the models on the cover in a weeks’ time. The reality of it all is that there is no solid and surefire way for anyone to lose weight like this. The journey of slimming down is a very personal process and unique to everyone when it comes to trying to make your way to a target weight. Its all about getting a weight loss program individual to you something like customized fat loss for example. To better understand this, all you have to do it take a look at some of the basics of losing weight that a lot of people simply do not hear or think about.

1. Look Inside Yourself read more

Rethinking Drinking Can Beer Be Good For You?

beerAlthough beer contains alcohol it is not just the alcohol that makes it dangerous to your health. Drinking beer in moderation without getting drunk won’t negatively affect your health; it is drinking beer in excess that not only causes headaches and hangovers, but also puts you at risk of more severe health issues.

As is indicated by the term “beer belly”, beer is commonly believed to cause weight gain. The truth is that beer contains very little, if any, fat at all. In fact, there are beer diets that claim to help you stay thin. The reason for the beer belly is that consuming excess alcohol hinders the body’s ability to burn fat. This means that although beer itself does not contain the fat that will make you gain weight, when consumed in excess it (along with other alcoholic beverages) causes your body to store the fat you do consume from other foods since it is not able to burn it as easily.

Although beer contains very little sugar, because of its alcohol content it can affect your blood sugar level. Alcohol causes a drop in the natural level of blood sugar which leads to low energy levels. This is why, when you drink too much beer, you feel very tired and fall asleep. The alcohol in beer causes insulin levels to drop as well. This means it can reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis in non diabetics. read more