My Whiplash Story

chiropractorI was unfortunate to suffer a road accident a few years ago and had a few issues with my neck but it all settled down within weeks and I forgot about it. More recently though I started with a series of odd symptoms and I honestly thought I was losing my mind.

First off my main hobby swimming started to make me feel really sick and after a couple of sessions where I had to leave the pool I decided it was me and took up walking instead and that did make feel a little better but I was also noticing other symptoms which did start to make me wonder for my sanity.

One  evening I was working on my computer when everything went blurry and that plus my other symptoms like feeling stressed and irritable did make me consider whether I was suffering from some sort of brain illness.

I made an appointment with my doctor who seemed a little confused about my symptoms but reassured me it was unlikely to be a brain tumour but diagnosed stress and said I had to relax more. I did not agree with this, I knew I felt stressed but this did not explain the other symptoms, like the blurry vision and the nausea, but he insisted it was stress and I simply did not agree with that.

Passing Out in the Supermarket

The doctor signed me off from work for a couple of weeks, and told me to rest. I did not even bother to tell him that staying in bed was next to impossible as my neck hurt so much. However, I did take my couple of weeks off and tried to relax. That is when I discovered a new symptom, I seemed to have developed a ringing in my ears.

Despite feeling rather unwell a week later, I went supermarket shopping with my boyfriend. We were in a supermarket when, on placing some groceries in the shopping trolley, I all of a sudden passed out. I woke up a couple of minutes later and looked straight into the eyes of my anxious boyfriend. He was a very brilliant lawyer and just told me that this was not right at all. My boyfriend called one of his colleagues who specialised in medical claims and asked for the details of a good allround private doctor.

An hour later, I found myself explaining my symptoms to a private doctor. He listened and made notes, and asked questions. Finally, he put his pen down examined my neck and asked me when I had my car accident. I looked at him totally aghast as I had not mentioned my car accident. Smiling he explained that I was suffering from a Whiplash injury caused by the shunt. He could not help me, but he knew a man who could.

I Love My Chiropractor

Later on the same afternoon, I had my first Chiropractic appointment with my chiropractor. My new found hero, my Chiropractor, explained everything to me, and it was soon apparent that my bizarre symptoms were down to an untreated Whiplash injury.

My recovery started that afternoon, and I walked out of the practice feeling that my neck felt better and my persistent headache was subsiding. Within a couple of weeks with regular treatment, my dizzy spells and blurred vision were both getting better. After two months I was able to go swimming again without feeling nauseous.

Now, I still see the Chiropractors. I have accepted that my injury is with me for life, and I will need the help and support of my Chiropractor. Despite having had a daughter with the lawyer, running a busy home, and looking after two giant dogs, my Chiropractors are managing to keep me healthy and fit to live my life. I have learned to recognize the first onset of trouble, and when I feel a slight drop in personal energy, I am around to the Chiropractors and we deal with the problem before it gets out of hand. All I can do is to thank my lucky stars for my brilliant luck in finding such a great Chiropractor and a doctor who believed me!