Water Fountains For Healthy Living

Are you ready to relax spiritually for a better personal welfare, while moisturizing the air?

According to research using materials such as slate, metal, or glass with a tapping noise of falling water over river rocks, calms nerves and avoids disease. As water ionizes running down those materials, it collects diseases and dust particles providing cleaner air to breath. Indoor water fountains promote a healthier environment by allowing high amounts of negative ions to collect as water falls. Some research has shown that breathing in negative ions helps improve mood, increases concentration and stabilizes the immune system. That’s way offers are found with ionization products other than water fountains. The effect of water falling provides tranquil positive happiness, while ensuring moods of spiritual meditating serenity. People can enjoy the experience of delightful charming echoes from tabletop fountains without giving up the outside calmness. The best of all worlds would be having a fountain in the bedroom humidifying and cleaning the air.

Researchers have found that hearing water from a fountain gives a person a great night’s sleep. Just like the sound of some nice soft music calms the nerves, so does water flowing. Their studies even found some dim lighting soothes the soul. It also provides a way at night to see when walking. Some fountains while providing a clean environment can be ordered with a full spectrum low cost LED lighting sources. Fountains not only lights the way, but it can be remotely controlled. Certain companies feature newly thin sliced lightweight slate technology that is used in building water fountains. There are special processes used in cutting thin layers of genuine Indian Raja Slate and fusing it to a composite material, while still showing a chipped edge. With a very natural look, still retaining a light weight product, this allows a large fountain to be easily mounted on a wall. These units are hand crafted into beautiful models giving a unique look of different colors and textures of slate. Also trimmed in copper and stainless steel allowing unique designs with submerged accent light in the top adds an effect of dancing light to the room. Some companies engineer composite materials to create a fountain with a pebble design on the panel. Each one is hand painted individually allowing results to be indistinguishable product of polished river rocks. Yet when textured into a glorious array, it retains the weight reduction by over 90%. The latest feature is etching on glass or mirror panels,  These designs will have a frosted quality.

Most water fountains are engineered to have inline micro filters, quiet submerged pumps and tempered safety-glass. The research shows that they are easy to install, light weight and works on 120VAC standard outlet. Certain units, while using low voltage LED accent lighting also comes with halogen lights. The new products available today having various materials to offer has also gone Green. Calming nerves by using a water fountain will also moisturize the air people breath. This process removes disease from the air and creates high amounts of negative irons. This is a healthy approach for a cleaner place and creates a good night’s sleep. Certain companies offer low cost full spectrum LED lighting sources featuring all natural newly thin sliced lightweight slate technology.

So these fountains have a functional use in improving health and look good as well.